Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some thoughts on why you should join us for the Summer Series...

"In God's economy even those who mourn are blessed. The Greek word translated "blessed" in Matthew 5:4 beautifully expresses the essence of the blessed life. 'Biblically, one is pronounced blessed when God is present and involved in his life. The hand of God is at work directing all his affairs for a divine purpose, and thus, in a sense, such a person lived coram deo, before the face of God.' Sometimes the circumstances of our suffering may not change, but the circumstances of our hearts are changed in the midst of them through a keen sense of God's presence and a lively perception of His activity.

Blessedness describes the condition of a person who reveres God, steeps her life in Him, and follows His ways. She doesn't just look to God in spiritual or religious matters. She looks to Him in every matter. He's not just the most important part of her life. He is her life. The result of this divine invasion is the that the life operates overall at optimum earth-satisfaction, joy and purpose and without the crushing burdens of self-glory and sin. In other words, her life actually works." Beth Moore, Stepping Up

Just a smattering of the jewels of this over to the website and register. We would love to have you.

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